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Making Products Page As Homepage in shopify

October 24, 2023 Shopify
Making Products Page As Homepage in shopify

In Shopify, setting a Products page as your homepage involves a few steps. By default, Shopify sets the homepage to display the theme’s default content, but you can customize it to feature your products. Here’s a general guide on how you can make your Products page the homepage:

Method 1: Using Shopify Admin

  1. Login to Shopify Admin:
  • Go to your Shopify store’s admin dashboard.
  1. Navigate to Online Store:
  • In the left-hand menu, click on “Online Store.”
  1. Customize Theme:
  • Click on “Themes” to go to the Themes section.
  1. Customize Theme Settings:
  • Find and click on “Customize” next to the theme you are currently using.
  1. Set Homepage:
  • Look for an option like “Sections” or “Home Page” in the customization menu.
  • Find a setting for “Home Page” or “Homepage” and select the option to show products or collections.
  1. Choose Products:
  • You may have the option to select specific products or collections to showcase on the homepage. Choose the one containing your products.
  1. Save Changes:
  • Once you’ve made the necessary changes, be sure to save your settings.
  1. Preview and Publish:
  • Before making the changes live, preview your store to see how the new homepage looks.
  • If everything looks good, click “Publish” to apply the changes.

Method 2: Editing Liquid Code

If your theme doesn’t have a built-in option to set a Products page as the homepage, you might need to edit the theme’s liquid code. This requires a bit of coding knowledge, so proceed with caution and consider making a backup before making any changes.

  1. Access Theme Code:
  • In the Shopify Admin, go to “Online Store” > “Themes.”
  • Click on “Actions” > “Edit Code.”
  1. Locate and Edit theme.liquid:
  • Look for the theme.liquid file in the “Layout” section.
  • Find the section where the homepage content is defined.
  1. Replace Code:
  • Replace the existing code that sets the homepage content with code that displays products or collections.
  • Use Shopify Liquid code like {{ collections.all.products }} to display all products.
  1. Save Changes:
  • Save your changes and preview your store to ensure everything looks as expected.
  1. Publish Changes:
  • If everything looks good, click “Publish” to make the changes live.

Making Collection Page As Homepage in shopify

Method 3: Editing Liquid Code

Add the below code insert theme.liquid before the head tag :

{%- if template contains 'index' -%}
window.location.href = '/products';
{%- endif -%}

Important Notes:

  • Always make a backup of your theme before making changes, especially if you’re editing code.
  • If you’re not comfortable with code, consider consulting with a developer or Shopify Expert.
  • Ensure that your chosen theme supports the display of products on the homepage.

Remember that the steps may vary slightly depending on your theme, as different themes have different customization options. If you encounter any issues, refer to your theme’s documentation or contact Shopify support for assistance or you can contact us we can help you.

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